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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Let Go Let God Bless Fathers

Divine love works through all to bless and inspire.
Most of us aspire to live in a peaceful, loving world and to leave the world a better place for generations to come. Fathers, and those who spend time around children, have an influential role in making this happen. I give thanks for the many paternal figures in my life—those who have helped guide me with encouraging words and actions. Whether these people are still in my life or have since moved on, I honor the role they played by mirroring it. I do so by mentoring and guiding those around me in kind, loving, and nurturing ways. I bless all fathers and all those in similar roles—for strength of mind and peace of heart. May they always know and reflect the love of God in all that they think, say, and do.
You are the salt of the earth ... You are the light of the world.—Matthew 5:13, 14

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