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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Let Go Let God all is in Divine Order

I am aligned with Spirit. All is in divine order.
When I am concerned about an outcome, I affirm: divine order. These words in and of themselves will not change anything, but when I say them, I am realigning myself with God-life within. I speak the words aloud or quietly and my mind, heart, and soul hear them and respond. Doing so I spark an eternal connection with divinity and to the order of the universe. I let go of my sense of what should happen to allow a divine outcome. I move forward with a sense of peace and confidence that all is well. With a sense of newness, I go about my day, seeing the good around me and the potential for order in all things. I affirm divine order, knowing that whatever seeming challenge appears before me will be resolved, and I will find the blessing it holds.

It is true. Hear, and know it for yourself.—Job 5:27

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