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Monday, February 8, 2016

Let Go Let God Give Comfort

I reach out to share and experience comfort.
Stressful situations are not always easy to handle. So if I am going through a major change or loss, my most immediate need will probably be for comfort. Faith whispers to my wounded emotions with a gentle reminder, “You are not alone.” My greatest source of comfort always comes from God. Friends and family may also provide me with comforting words or gestures. I accept, grateful that they care. I find comfort knowing that, by reaching out my hand, I find another's. Just as I receive comfort, I give it. I offer a listening heart, an encouraging word, a tender touch. The holy comfort of God manifests through me. I am the heart, voice, and compassion of Spirit. I freely give my caring to others, and I, too, am comforted.
This is my comfort in my distress, that your promise gives me life.—Psalm 119:50

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